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Our Food

Voted one of Philadelphia’s Best New Restaurants of 2018 by OpenTable.com, Sandler’s on 9th is committed to creating an enjoyable, comfortable dining experience. We provide an accessible, affordable approach to high-quality comfort food. Our recipes have simple, organic ingredients that are locally sourced for a healthy and fresh meal.

We pride ourselves on being an eatery where hospitality is paramount. From the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave, we put your dining needs before anything else. With a value-centric mindset, Sandler’s strives to provide top quality dining at a reasonable price, so you can relax and enjoy your time.

About Us

Sandler’s on 9th is proudly family owned and operated. Paul Sandler created the restaurant in 2018 with a vision of a friendly, hospitality-driven spot in Center City. He wanted to provide a place to eat that was warm and welcoming, while also holding high standards for fresh, high quality food. Paul and his oldest daughter Aly, who is the Dining Room Manager, created an environment where everyone can feel relaxed and comfortable, whether you’re grabbing breakfast after an overnight shift, enjoying lunch with your whole family, or having a date night at the bar.

Realizing the importance of a good meal, even when there’s no time to sit down for it, Paul decided to dedicate a portion of the restaurant to Sander’s on the Go. In this smaller to-go spot next door to the restaurant, you can get quality food with less time to spare. Grab an item from the menu or a fresh pre-made meal from the fridge at the take-out counter, and order online or by phone for pick up or delivery. Sandler’s also delivers catering for large parties and groups.